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Oral Pathology

Woman smiling while at dental officeIn simple terms, oral pathology refers to the study of any number of diseases of the mouth. Here at Placentia Oral Surgery, when we talk about oral pathology, we are not only studying a disease. We are diagnosing it, as well as finding a way to best treat it. The treatment will depend on what you are facing and some other options as well.

The Basics of Oral Pathology

While oral pathology might seem like it is a term that is only for drastic things such as oral cancer, there are plenty of other conditions that are covered under this broad term.

One of the simplest forms of oral pathology is tooth extraction. This is when we will need to remove a tooth. Often a tooth extraction is because the tooth has too much tooth decay to save it. We will then remove the tooth because that is the healthiest option for your mouth.

After tooth extraction, the next step in oral pathology is often to replace the tooth with a Dental Implant. We will first need to make sure that there is enough bone for the dental implant. If there is not enough bone, we can take care of that with a bone graft. This will take several weeks to heal, and then we can start with the actual dental implant. With that, we will place a screw in the bone in your jaw where the tooth used to be. When the screw becomes part of your jaw, we will place a cap over it, which will give you a new tooth.

Other Examples of Oral Pathology

If you have a lesion, a lump, or a sore in your mouth, we will want to know what it is all about. Your oral pathologist will most likely want to start with a biopsy. This is where we will take a small amount of tissue from the area to see what is going on. A lump in your mouth does not necessarily mean that you have oral cancer. If it is cancer, we will want to start treatment immediately. If it is not cancer, we will want to know what it is and then we will decide if any treatment is going to be needed.

While oral pathology usually refers to a disease, sometimes that is not the case. If you have suffered severe trauma to your mouth or your jaw, you might need to see an oral pathologist. Sometimes a patient will seek our services to turn back the clock, as it were, to give their smile a more youthful appearance.

If you have questions about oral pathology, or if you would like to know more information, we here at Placentia Oral Surgery would be happy to help. Call (657) 216-1617 so that we can answer all of your questions. We are here for you, and we want to make sure that you take good care of your mouth, your teeth, your jaw, and your gums. We also want to diagnose and treat any small problems before they turn into big ones.

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Oral Pathology Placentia, CA • Placentia Oral Surgery
At Placentia Oral Surgery, when we talk about oral pathology, we are not only studying a disease. We are diagnosing it, as well as finding a way to best treat it.
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