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Can I Alleviate the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea Until it's Treated?

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At Placentia Oral Surgery, our goal is to help you deal with any dental concerns as thoroughly and comfortably as possible. Sleep apnea is one of many issues that we see among our patients. While we recommend that you come in for an appointment so we can best determine how to help you, we recognize that you have to deal with the symptoms every night until that appointment or treatment time comes. Sleep apnea is not easy to deal with, and we want to do our utmost to keep you healthy and rested.

Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

One of the first things you should do is make absolutely certain that your problem is sleep apnea. If you often sleep alone, it can be quite difficult to determine this. Because the most obvious symptom is loud snoring, a sleep partner awakened by the activity can be the best judge of this. If you routinely suffer from headaches after you wake up, this can be a significant indicator of sleep apnea because sleep apnea’s broken breathing patterns causes less oxygen to make it to your brain. You may also experience a high blood pressure and hypertension. If any of these symptoms are familiar, then you may be experiencing sleep apnea and should act accordingly.

How To Address Sleep Apnea At Home

There are many habits you can change at home in order to lessen the effects of sleep apnea. Exercising more and losing weight can have multiple beneficial effects and leave you with a greater chance of uninterrupted sleep. Steering clear of smoking is also wise, as smoking can cause your upper airway to swell, which can make your snoring and overall apnea situation much worse. If you sleep on your back, consider changing your sleep position so you can improve your breathing. Lastly, although the consumption of alcohol or sleeping pills can help you initially get to sleep faster, they can make it difficult to actually remain sleeping.

Active Treatments You Can Pursue At Home

Though surgery is the most effective course of action for those who suffer from sleep apnea, there are some things you can actively do at home to alleviate your symptoms. Nasal decongestant can assist in improving your airflow, particularly if your case of sleep apnea is fairly mild. Yoga has proven to be quite effective at improving your respiratory strength and enabling increased oxygen flow. Because oxygen, and the lack thereof, is so intrinsic to the issue of sleep apnea, the breathing exercises of yoga can be a great help. Dry air can irritate your respiratory system, so another thing you can do is get a humidifier to decrease congestion and encourage clearer breathing.

Sleep apnea is a difficult condition to deal with, and can cause lasting negative effects to both your oral and overall health. While there are these actions you can take at home to reduce the intensity of your symptoms, we still recommend that you come in for treatment. If you suffer from sleep apnea and wish to learn more about it, call us today at (657) 216-1617.

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