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Combined surgical and orthodontic management of maxillofacial deformities

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Combined surgical and orthodontic management of maxillofacial deformitiesThe development of orthognathic surgery materials and techniques has enabled orthodontists and surgeons to maximize the treatment of deformities from maxillomandibular. This allows us to us technology to bring back that perfect smile.

How can the maxillofacial deformities be corrected by surgical and orthodontic

 A stable criterion of orthosurgical treatment is a dental-skeletal dysmorphism done by a team of specialists, including maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists. This process aims to meet the patient's expectations, and sustainable inventions are made in this surgery complication associated with its relapse of the skeleton. The objectives which form basics in treatment are esthetics, stability, and function. The influencing factors include material and type of fixation, amount and direction of surgical movement, dental decompensation.

A preliminary patient evaluation is a systematic examination is needed to treat and evaluate patients who have dental-facial deformities. The patient should have enough knowledge about the procedure. The routine includes evaluating the patient's history, social-psychological assessment, occlusal and dental oral function evaluation, radiographic cephalometric it forms a good database for the treatment.

The surgeon should prioritize problems and how they can be solved. Defining the objectives of the treatment planning of the therapy should be precise, clear and the expected outcomes should be discussed with collaborative partners before the final decision is made; steps in orthognathic surgery are visualizing contact, points, stimulation of other possible osteotomies, the dental arch is integrated with the help of a 3D model and face scare it helps in integrating the teeth's shape the face and the jawbone into the system of a computer. The 3D steps are the dental arch is integrated, contact points are visualized, the morphing is realized, different osteotomies are simulated, and bone fragments are removed.

For a successful surgery for correcting the endoskeletal cases, pre-surgical treatment and postoperative therapy are considered; they are done to reform the patient's occlusion. For treatment to be successful, it depends on the treatment plan.

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