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Here Is What To Expect During A Bone Graft Healing Process

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Here Is What To Expect During A Bone Graft Healing ProcessAfter undergoing your bone graft surgery, your recovery period starts. The process can take between two weeks and two months depending on the quantity of the graft and what type of surgery. The healing process also depends on your age and your overall health. Here are key things you should expect after undergoing a bone grafting procedure.


There may be a placement of sutures in the grafted area after your surgery to close the incisions made on your gums. We should remove these sutures in your next visit if they do not dissolve on their own. Dissolvable sutures take up to six weeks to dissolve. You are also likely to experience numbness in your tongue, lip, or cheek.


The swelling levels on your mouth or cheek rely on the severity of your bone grafting surgery. Swelling is just one of the reactions of your body to healing. The swelling may appear for a day or two and then disappear. The use of ice packs can minimize the levels of swelling in your mouth. In any case, the swelling will reduce as time passes.


You are likely to feel pain after your bone grafting procedure. Therefore, you should ensure you start taking painkillers as prescribed 3-8 hours after your surgery. Some of the pain medications may cause nausea. Ensure you take the medicine 30 minutes after eating.

Oral Hygiene and Diet

Having good oral hygiene reduces the chances of you getting an infection and helps you heal faster. You should brush your teeth regularly, even at the surgical site. Eating healthy meals will also be of great help. Try to avoid extremely hot food as well.

The time it will take for your bone graft healing process to finish will depend on your commitment. You may experience some pain, swelling, or nausea. However, maintaining a healthy diet and great oral hygiene goes a long way in ensuring you heal faster. Please visit our offices today to get more information regarding bone grafting surgery and its healing process.

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