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Come to Our Office If You Notice an Oral Lump That Does Not Go Away

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Come to Our Office If You Notice an Oral Lump That Does Not Go AwayIf you have an anomaly - a lump or lesion in your mouth that does not heal, do not ignore it. Let us examine it to see if it could be serious. Take proactive action. If you catch cancer early, your prognosis will be good.

Signs that a Lump or Growth Could Be Cancerous

While cancerous lumps look like precancerous lesions, they can take many forms. However, for the most part, they appear as flat white spots (leukoplakia), erythroplakia (a flat or worn-away spot that appears red, as the capillaries appear more easily), or a mix of red and white areas (leukoplakia and erythroplakia). If a patch appears red, or resembles erythroplakia, it is a more ominous sign that something is not quite right. If the lymph nodes swell in the neck too, it could be a sign of cancer. Any nodule that is hard and does not go away in the area of the mouth or neck should be checked and biopsied.

Non-cancerous Mouth Growths

Many mouth growths are not cancerous and can be surgically removed. For example, a torus is a gradual growth with a round projection of bone. It forms on the center of the torus palatinus (roof of the mouth) or on the torus mandibularis (on the lower jaw next to the tongue). This growth is often common and harmless. The growth does not need removal unless it interferes with the placement of a denture or interferes with eating.

Growths Forming on the Lips

Keratoacanthomas form on the lips that have been exposed to the sun, or may develop on the face, hands, or forearms. They usually reach full size (about one-half to 1 inch or 1 to 3 centimeters), then reduce in size or disappear. They once were believed non-cancerous. However, if they do not shrink in size, they should be removed, as some medical professionals believe they may be cancerous.

If you have an unexplained growth or lump in your oral cavity or in the mouth area, call us right away to have it examined. Make sure you have the necessary treatments to catch cancer early or to remove a growth that could turn into cancer later.

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