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Reasons Your Jaw Bone May Begin to Reabsorb

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Reasons Your Jaw Bone May Begin to ReabsorbThe jaw is amongst the strongest areas in your body. However, it can change shape as time progresses. Your jaw can easily sustain damage, and it can cause several complications if not treated. Furthermore, the jaw can reabsorb itself under several conditions. Therefore, what you do on a daily basis can contribute to the reabsorption of your jaw.

Causes of Jaw Reabsorption

There are several causes of jaw reabsorption. Perhaps, the most common one is missing teeth. When the jaw lacks the support provided by teeth, it will change in shape. It may also lose some of the bone tissues without your teeth in place. Even if you get dentures to replace missing teeth, you could also experience jaw resorption. This is because the dentures are not as dense as permanent teeth. They might also not fit properly, causing the loss of some jaw tissues. In some people, using dentures can worsen the rate of jaw reabsorption instead of improving it.

Signs of Jaw Reabsorption

It is important to know the signs of jaw reabsorption to get immediate care before it gets worse. For instance, a common sign of jaw reabsorption among people who wear dentures is when the dentures stop fitting as they did in the past. This may be mainly due to the loss of bone tissues. Furthermore, a change in the shape of gums could also be caused by jaw reabsorption. If you notice any of these signs, it is essential to come in for dental checks. Our professionals will examine your jaw and help stop the reabsorption.

We offer several remedies if your dentures no longer fit. We will design new ones and install them using the latest measurements. This helps reduce the effects of poorly fitting dentures like bleeding and discomfort. Visit our offices for more information on jaw reabsorption.

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