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What Is Nerve Repositioning for Your Teeth?

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
What Is Nerve Repositioning for Your Teeth?Sometimes, instead of bone grafting, nerve repositioning is performed when preparing a patient for dental implants. The following information provides further details.

What Is Nerve Repositioning?

Also called nerve lateralization, nerve repositioning involves the placement of implants in the mandible or lower jaw. The treatment is performed when a patient has missing teeth and does not have enough bone in the lower jaw to hold implants. More specifically, the lack of jaw bone occurs above the inferior alveolar nerve. If a patient's teeth have been missing for some time, this type of deterioration can occur.

What Is the Inferior Alveolar Nerve and How is a Nerve Repositioning Performed?

The inferior alveolar nerve, which is under the bone in the lower jaw, moves closer to the gum's surface as the bone loses volume. A nerve reposition must be performed to allow for more space to place implants. To reposition the nerve, a section of bone in the lower jaw has to be removed so we can see to set aside the nerve bundle. We then place the implant, then cover the implant with the bundle and fill the incision with bone grafting material.

Alternatives to Nerve Repositioning

As alternatives, bone grafting may be done to build up the bone or splinted short implants may be used at the site of tooth loss. The implants are splinted to strengthen them. The jaw bone may also be split vertically or horizontally to support its height and width. This process is known as a ridge split procedure.

Do you have questions about nerve repositioning or other procedures that can prepare you for implants? If so, give us a call now to arrange for a consultation for an appointment and exam. During the appointment, we will take x-rays and ask you about your desires concerning implant placement and what results you want to obtain. Write down any questions you have about the process before your scheduled appointment.

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