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Treating a Cleft Palate Is Easier with the Help of an Oral Surgeon

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Treating a Cleft Palate Is Easier with the Help of an Oral SurgeonThe cleft palate treatment requires multiple surgeries to restore your child's smile and enable them to chew and speak well. Given this procedure's complexity, you should talk to our experienced and qualified oral surgeons for treatment. We will address both functional and cosmetic concerns and perform aftercare therapies to ensure your child speaks and chews properly in their later years.

Problems Caused by a Cleft Palate

An untreated cleft palate can cause dental problems, difficulty in chewing, blurred speech, and esteem issues. Individuals may be unable to feed well given that the roof of their mouth is incomplete. In children, breastfeeding may be challenging as a baby cannot suck with ease, and the liquids may find their way into their nostrils. Also, since cleft lips affect the air passage, children will take longer to speak. Individuals with cleft palate are also likely to have missing or malformed teeth, affecting their esteem and confidence.

Treatment of Cleft Palate

With the advancements in technology, it is possible to detect a cleft palate even before a child is born through an ultrasound from the 13th week of pregnancy. However, we can only treat the defect after birth, usually before a child is 18-months old. Treatment of cleft palate comprises multiple procedures and demands patience from both the parent and patient. Our oral surgeons will administer general anesthesia to your child to ensure their comfort.

We will then make incisions on the cleft, rotate the tissues and muscles, and bring them together and close the cleft. Afterward, we will stitch the cleft. We may also place a long-threaded stitch on your child's tongue to help in their breathing as they heal. After surgery, you may need to stay behind for a day or two for observation, after which your child can recover from home with frequent monitoring. For more details on treating a cleft palate, contact our office today.

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