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Why Does Only One Side of Your Jaw Hurt?

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Why Does Only One Side of Your Jaw Hurt?Jaw pain is not pleasant. It can take the joy out of eating, cause headaches, and disrupt sleep. On top of all that, when we have jaw pain, it is hard not to worry, and wonder why the jaw pain is there, and why is it only on one side. It is a good idea to get it diagnosed before it gets worse, or leads to other problems.

Possible Reasons for Your One Sided Jaw Pain

There are many reasons to possibly consider, when it comes to jaw pain. Let's begin with Bruxism, the grinding and clenching of your teeth. This can occur at any time, especially during stressful times, or it can happen at night while sleeping, and you may not be aware. The grinding and/or clenching can easily upset both or just one side of the jaw, causing pain. TMJ (temporomandibular joint), also often caused by the clenching of the teeth and jaw, can easily cause one sided jaw pain. Trauma to the jaw, such as a sports injury, can happen quickly, and you may feel the pain later, and end up wondering where it is coming from.

Arthritis, and dental problems such as, a cavity, cracked or chipped tooth, or a dental abscess can lead to jaw pain, possibly only on one side. One of the most dangerous reasons for one sided jaw pain, is a heart attack. If you are experiencing sudden jaw pain, please go to your nearest emergency room immediately. As with most health issues, the one sided jaw pain needs to be professionally diagnosed. That is where we come in. At our office, our professional staff is ready to answer all of your questions about your jaw pain, and help to diagnose and treat the issue safely, and quickly.

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