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Surgical Procedures for Facial Asymmetry: Restoring Balance and Confidence

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Surgical Procedures for Facial Asymmetry: Restoring Balance and ConfidenceFacial asymmetry can have significant negative implications affecting one's self-esteem. However, this challenge can be overcome using various types of surgical procedures that promote restoring balance to one's natural beauty while enhancing their aesthetic appearance. Now let's explore some of the surgical solutions that address these facial asymmetry issues.

Orthognathic Surgery: Correcting Jaw Misalignment

Orthognathic surgery is a surgical intervention to correct even the most complicated jaw misalignments by repositioning the jawbones during corrective jaw surgery, which in turn improves both aesthetics and functionality of the jaw, reducing malocclusion or crossbite issues leading to correct facial asymmetry.

Rhinoplasty: Balancing the Nose

Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery remains one of the most commonly performed procedures to address nasal asymmetry through correctional modifications such as changing size or shape while evaluating the patient's unique facial anatomy and considering factors such as nasal bridge width, tip projection, and nostril symmetry before achieving natural-looking results.

Genioplasty: Harmonizing the Chin

Genioplasty or chin surgery is another procedure aimed at correcting chin abnormalities leading to possible weak chin treatment through augmentation getting proportional results with better facial balance with contouring elements, helping improve one's confidence level and restoring the overall aesthetic of the chin.

These procedures should be initiated after consulting our certified surgeon, who provides relevant insight and competency services, before choosing what suits you best. This approach ensures all-inclusivity towards different people based on their specific needs.

Treating physical or emotional discomfort requires skillful attention from compassionate and knowledgeable experts who prioritize individualizing treatment plans based on each unique case. At our facility, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled care customized to meet our client's needs.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our accomplished surgeons to gather more information on surgery regarding facial asymmetry.

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