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Uncommon TMJ Symptoms to Make Note Of

Posted on 4/20/2020 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Uncommon TMJ Symptoms to Make Note Of As even most people who don't suffer from it are still aware of, TMJ can be one of the most painful and disruptive dental conditions that exist. Some people say that there is no pain on the planet other than childbirth, which rivals dental pain, and this particular condition is one of the most painful of its kind. And it's not just the pain which is an issue; it is the many ways in which it manifests itself, as well as its intensity and sometimes sudden onslaught. But while many people are familiar with these numerous symptoms and secondary effects, there are some less common indicators of TMJ, and recognizing them is vital in getting them treated.

General Dizziness or Vertigo

This is one that often times surprises people when it is diagnosed as a symptom of TMJ. Some sufferers search for years trying to find the cause of this issue without ever once considering that it might be connected to an oral health condition. And this is certainly understandable, as it is quite rare. But if you are struggling with dizziness or balance issues and you can't find a reason, it is certainly worth coming in and getting checked out.

Pressure Behind the Eyes or Sinuses

Although not one of the most common symptoms of TMJ, it still occurs more frequently than dizziness. The association between sinus problems and dental issues are experienced more often by TMJ suffers. If you are unable to explain away or diagnose pressure buildups in the eye or sinus cavities, delving into the possible dental connection would probably be prudent. To discover if these or other symptoms that you have been experiencing may be related to TMJ or other dental issues, please don't wait any longer to get in touch with one of our oral health specialists. We can be reached by phone at our clinic or simply stop by and speak with us in person.

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