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How Crown Lengthening Can Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on 1/30/2020 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
How Crown Lengthening Can Improve Your Oral HealthYou may be confused about the difference between having a crown installed and crown lengthening. A dental crown is a device that is placed over the teeth when they have been damaged by decay.

Dental crowns are effective at repairing damaged teeth and can protect against further decay and infection caused by decay.

On the other hand, crown lengthening is the process used when a crown needs to be installed on a tooth, but there isn't enough exposed tooth to place a crown. When performing a crown lengthening, the gum around the tooth is reshaped in order to give a better surface to attach a dental crown. Sometimes crown lengthening is not necessary, but we'll always consult you before performing one.

How Crown Lengthening Can Benefit You

Crown lengthening has many benefits to your oral health. First, it helps provide better support for a dental crown when they are necessary. Giving a dental crown the proper support will ensure that it lasts a long time and will not cause future problems.

Second, crown lengthening can help protect your gums from infection. The gums can become infected when a crown is too close to the gum line. This is because the gum is exposed to more food and bacteria than the rest of the teeth.

The last reason a crown lengthening may be necessary is to make sure all of your teeth sit properly against each other when your mouth is closed. Having uneven teeth causes problems with the pressure exerted on them. When a tooth doesn't take the force of your bite, the surrounding teeth are put under more pressure than normal. This causes premature wear on the surrounding teeth. Not to mention it may make it more difficult to eat.

If you're interested in a crown lengthening or wondering whether you will need to have it done on your crown installed, we are here to help. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions if you give us a call. You can always stop by our office to ask questions as well.

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