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Can You Do Martial Arts After Jaw Surgery?

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
A person holding their jaw in painMartial arts is not safe immediately after jaw surgery. You should only reconsider martial arts after complete healing, which can take up to 4 months. However, you also need to be aware that your healed bone is still more fragile than it was before surgery. The chances of fracturing a jawbone or dislodging surgical hardware are very high, so you should be very careful. Direct shots to the jaw are to be avoided even after healing. We encourage people to steer clear of contact sports for up to a year after jaw surgery.

What Sports Can I Do After Jaw Surgery?

We recommend non-contact sports that are not likely to put trauma on the face and disrupt jaw balance. Some recommended non-contact sports that you can try four weeks after surgery when you have regained your full energy include tennis, table tennis, swimming, and bowling.

After 3-4 months, when your bone will have healed, you can consider softer contact sports, but with great caution regarding trauma to the head. Ice hockey, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse can be tried at this time.

After one year, you can consider hardcore contact sports, including boxing, martial arts, wrestling, judo, soccer, and football, but care has to be taken to avoid hits to the head. There is always the risk of injury after surgery.

Sporting Tips After Jaw Surgery

Avoid any strenuous exercise the first month after jaw surgery. Strenuous exercise puts pressure on blood vessels and soft tissue across your body, which can cause bleeding or rupturing of soft tissues.

Gentle exercise will not do any harm. To keep fit and maintain your sporting spirit, you can regularly exercise gently in your house, gym, or office. Avoid trauma to your face during this exercise.

Stay hydrated during exercise and sporting activity after jaw surgery. Consume adequate fluids to prevent dehydration, which can cause headaches and slow healing.


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