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Impacted Teeth - Fundamentals of an Expose and Bond Procedure

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
3D rendered xray of an impacted wisdom tooth butting against the tooth next to itThe wisdom teeth mainly suffer from impaction since they are usually the last teeth to erupt. However, it is a significant issue when canine teeth are impacted. The canine teeth are the strongest and contain the longest roots that enable the formation of a robust dental arch.

What Happens When Impacted Teeth are Not Exposed?

Some dental issues can develop when the teeth remain below the gums for longer. Such issues include causing damage to the roots of the teeth, which may result in interference with the position of the teeth and can cause the development of cysts in the mouth. However, an oral or maxillofacial surgeon performs a procedure called exposing and bonding to enable extraction of the wisdom or canine tooth.

What Happens During an Expose and Bond Procedure?

The expose and bond procedure is a surgical process that involves exposing the impacted teeth by which the surgeon lifts the gum on top of the affected teeth and then uses orthodontic braces to cause a bond to the exposed tooth to start pulling the teeth down to their proper position.

What happens during this procedure can include orthodontic consultations to diagnose the impacted tooth and the assessment of the X-rays taken to verify the presence and impact of the teeth. Braces will then be placed on the teeth to get rid of the space where the impacted teeth have grown. After that, the surgeon surgically lifts the gums on top of the affected tooth and removes it. Finally, an orthodontic brace is bonded to the exposed tooth. Then, the surgeon decides to either suture the gum on top of the teeth, cut a small part for the tooth to emerge, or return and suture the gum to its original position.

Generally, expose and bond procedures are usually beneficial in handling challenging cases of impacted teeth and ensuring that other teeth are not interfered with during growth. If you are considering this procedure, request an in-depth consultation with our dentist to discuss the treatment and analyze your dental case.

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