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What Is Denture Stomatitis?

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
 What Is Denture Stomatitis?Dentures are a lifesaver for about one in five Americans. People who wear dentures can regain the activities they weren't able to do due to tooth loss. Dentures are an amazing invention, but sometimes, people can develop problems with their dentures. Here's a description of denture stomatitis and the actions you can take to combat denture stomatitis.


People have been wearing dentures for thousands of years. In the past, dentures were made from pieces of bone, gold, and even animal or human teeth. Most dentures today are constructed from acrylics, resin, or porcelain so they can look like real teeth as much as possible. Each denture is unique to its owner, and they can be complete dentures or partial dentures.

Denture Stomatitis

People who wear dentures can experience redness, pain, and swelling, especially in the upper jaw. This redness and swelling are most common on the roof of your mouth. You can have white or cream patches on your cheeks, tongue, and throat as well. Some patients can experience cracking on their lips or at the corners of their mouths. Usually, denture stomatitis, or thrush, causes these symptoms.

Denture stomatitis is caused by candida, which is also called yeast. Candida is a very common fungus that is present in small amounts throughout your body. Sometimes medications that you take or conditions you have can cause a massive growth of candida.


People who are diabetic, undergoing treatment for cancer, or who are taking medication such as steroids or antibiotics are susceptible to denture stomatitis. Poor oral hygiene also contributes to the growth of candida. If you are having a growth of candida, be sure you are cleaning your dentures daily. Don't leave your dentures in overnight. If you are concerned that your denture stomatitis is becoming a serious issue, a dentist can prescribe antifungal lozenges for you to get rid of the growth.

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