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Oral Sedation Placentia

A woman under oral sedation from Placentia Oral Surgery in Placentia, CAIf you are a bit nervous whenever it comes to seeing the dentist, want to avoid pain during a procedure, or are about to step into the dental chair for a long surgery, you might think about sedation.

Dental sedation is highly requested, and at Placentia Oral Surgery we want you to know all of your options before you get sedated for your procedure or surgery.

There are several options of sedation, from ones that simply leave you drowsy and numb, to others that will put you completely asleep.

It is important to know which does what and why you would use them. That way, you, along with the dentist, can pick the best sedation option to work for you when you come into our office for your dental procedure.

what is oral sedation?

Oral sedation is a very common form of sedation.

You simply take a pill at a specific time before the procedure. This is a small pill that we will have you take typically around an hour before the procedure in our office.

However, depending on when your procedure is and what type of oral sedation is being used, you may take a pill the night before and one the next morning before the procedure.

You will still be awake for the procedure, and when most people think of sedation dentistry, oral sedation is what comes to mind. Oral sedation does not put you to sleep, but many people do not remember the procedure at all.

It will have the same effect on you as laughing gas. You will be relaxed and conscious but will be groggy and will not feel any pain or fear.

In addition to being lightly sedated, we will also numb the area with an anesthetic to prevent any pain while we operate on your mouth. No pain should be felt at all if everything goes well.

You will feel sleepy for the rest of the day. This does mean you will need someone to drive you home from the procedure and may need someone to stay with you for a few hours.

The effects will not last more than a day, and most people are fully recovered by the next morning.

dental anxiety

While some types of surgeries and procedures can require you to be sedated, talk to us if you want some sedation for even a small procedure. We completely understand that some people have anxiety around the dentist, and if we can make your visit easier then please let us know.

Who Needs Sedation?

Some patients are concerned over their oral procedure and may want to be sedated simply to calm themselves. At other times, we may recommend sedation due to the type of procedure being done.

Before giving you any sedation method, we will review your medical history and talk to you about your preferences. Our goal is to make you calm and relaxed during every procedure.

Contact Placentia Oral Surgery at (657) 216-1617 if you would like to talk to us about oral sedation or other sedation options or to schedule an appointment.

Our office is proud to offer other sedation options, including general anesthesia, IV sedation, and nitrous oxide.

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When your treatment plan requires oral surgery, oral sedation can be the ideal tool for helping to put you at ease and to ensure that any pain will be minimized.
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