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Nitrous Oxide in Placentia, CA

A woman under nitrous oxide sedation from Placentia Oral Surgery in Placentia, CAAt Placentia Oral Surgery, we are prepared to help you with any dental concerns you may have, from cavity prevention to the use of braces and more. We regard your oral health as being of paramount importance, and sometimes a dental problem is so significant that you may need us to help you resolve it through oral surgery. In these scenarios, we want you to experience the least amount of pain as you undergo the procedure. Nitrous oxide, or "laughing gas", can serve as an excellent counter to the pain, and we recommend its use so that we can take care of your mouth without you suffering any unnecessary pain.

What Does Nitrous Oxide Do?

We encourage you to consider the use of nitrous oxide because it is such an effective sedation tool. It induces a euphoric and pleasurable feeling that is more potent than any incoming pain. This odorless and colorless gas slows down your body’s reaction time once it is inhaled. Unlike other pain treatment methods, nitrous oxide is known to work swiftly and it is easy for us to reverse the effects once you have finished your treatment for the day. Because of these advantages, we recommend nitrous oxide as one of the easiest and safest sedation methods around.

The Potential Side Effects of Nitrous Oxide

While nitrous oxide has been known to have some side effects, only a minority of patients ever experience them. When side effects do happen, it is usually because a patient has inhaled too much nitrous too quickly or because the level has been set higher than it needs to be. When this occurs, we can see a variety of different responses. You may suffer from headaches, sweat excessively, or begin shivering while experiencing unexpected fatigue or nausea. However, because of our proper and successful care, it is far more likely that you will experience none of these side effects.

How We Help You Avoid Nitrous Oxide Side Effects

We want you to be as comfortable and prepared as possible for any surgery you undergo. Nitrous oxide can cause nausea if you come in for treatment with a full belly, so we recommend that you avoid eating much before and after the procedure. While nitrous oxide has been known to cause headaches, we can and will counteract this by giving you oxygen for a few minutes after we have turned off the nitrous flow. The oxygen cleanses your lungs of any remaining nitrous and guarantees that this side effect is mitigated. By taking steps like these, we do everything possible to make sure that you experience none of nitrous oxide’s potential side effects.

Nitrous Oxide And Children

If your child needs sedation as part of a treatment plan, we recommend the use of nitrous oxide. Given that all nitrous needs to work is the use of a small mask slipped over the nose, all your child has to do is breathe normally through their nose. They do not have to fear the use of any needles. Your child will be able to stay awake throughout the surgery and communicate with one of our friendly dentists who can help to keep them relaxed and calm.

If you think that the use of nitrous oxide might be right for you and you would like to learn more, call us today at (657) 216-1617.

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We recommend nitrous oxide, or "laughing gas" so that we can take care of your mouth without you suffering any unnecessary pain. Call today to learn more!
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