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Most Common Oral Surgeries

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Most Common Oral SurgeriesOral surgeries are performed differently and on different parts of the teeth structure. Here are some common oral surgeries performed to improve the overall oral health

Dental Implant Dental Surgery

Dental implant surgery is a standard procedure as it provides permanent, long-lasting solutions to oral health. Dental anesthetics and conscious sedatives are used during the surgery to avoid discomfort and pain, thus keeping the patient relaxed and at ease throughout the process.

Dental Surgery on the Gums

Dental surgery on the gums is done when the tooth's root gets infected, starts to lose, and becomes a bother to the patient. This condition is done when the periodontal disease reaches an advanced stage. The standard procedures associated with this surgery are the gingival flap and gingivectomy.

Bone Graft Surgery

These surgeries are performed by a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery to help to regenerate the lost bone. Moreover, it is necessary for implant placements. However, there must be sufficient quality and quantity of the bone for this surgery to happen.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Removal of wisdom teeth is standard in many dental clinics. The wisdom teeth primarily position themselves in a complicated position within the teeth structure, resulting in pain when developing. Therefore, oral specialists advise removing these wisdom teeth as soon as they cause issues to avoid pain.

Periapical Surgeries

These surgeries are done to remove the infections affecting the root and adjacent tissues of the tooth. However, it is carried out when other pre-treatments have failed, such as endodontic, especially when it is not possible to access the end of the root, when there are false canals in the tooth, or when there is a fracture.

Most of these oral surgeries solve specific problems within the tooth structure. Therefore, the patient must ensure they receive the correct type of surgery to prevent complications.

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