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Preparation for OMS Surgery

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Preparation for OMS SurgeryOral surgery should be treated as any other surgical procedure. It is crucial to prepare because these procedures are usually performed as outpatient procedures with local or general anaesthesia. Taking proper care of one's wounds following surgery can reduce the risk of contamination. One should also thoroughly go through the procedure and what to do with the surgeon or doctor before the process. The surgeon will give guidelines on what to do and not do for the safest possible procedure.

The day before

Smoking should be avoided for at least 12 hours before the operation. If a person smokes, they must wait as long as possible before having surgery. They should not consume anything for six hours before your procedure, including water. If one is getting a local anaesthetic, they can be allowed a light meal a few hours before the procedure. However, they need to floss and brush their teeth after the meal.

The procedure uses anaesthesia and is primarily an outpatient case; therefore, a mode of transportation needs to be identified and organized. Ride apps like Uber can be used. If one lives alone, aftercare needs to be organized too. Some procedures may require one to get extra post-surgical care.

It will not be possible to eat most food as usual right after the surgery. One needs to plan a proper post-surgery diet. Meals that are soft and don't need much chewing would be the only ones authorized to eat. Items that are acidic or spicy should be avoided since they can hurt the gums. Protein beverages are advantageous because they can aid with recovery. Within that period following surgery, patients must never sip through a straw.

The Day of Surgery and After

One should dress appropriately in loosely fitted clothes. The clothes should be sleeveless, or the sleeves should be able to be rolled up. Makeup and contact lens are not advisable. Comfort and ease to the surgeon are essential for a smooth procedure. A comfortable recovery space should be ready for the patient. Proper feeding and aftercare should be employed, avoiding infection, and speeding up recovery.

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