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Your Wisdom Teeth Do Not Need to Disrupt Your Teeth

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Your Wisdom Teeth Do Not Need to Disrupt Your TeethWisdom teeth can cause problems to your oral health. If an X-ray shows that your wisdom teeth can affect your dental structure down the line, it is important to have them extracted. To remedy the situation, we will do an effective and smooth extraction procedure that will eliminate any possible disruption. Therefore, contact our offices if you notice any signs of your wisdom teeth disrupting your teeth.

Potential Causes of Wisdom Teeth Removal

If there is sufficient evidence that the wisdom teeth are significantly affecting your oral health, we will professionally extract them. The first sign that your wisdom teeth need removal is if the wisdom teeth are causing damage to other teeth. This mostly happens when the extra set of molars start pushing your teeth around, causing biting problems and mouth pain. If the teeth are extracted early enough, the pain will get intense and potentially cause infections. Challenges in biting will also affect your eating habits, reducing nutrient supply to the body.

Furthermore, wisdom teeth are also extracted when they cause sinus issues. This can result in congestion, pressure, and sinus pain. This condition can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when not treated on time. When the wisdom teeth are causing damage to the jaw, they will also have to be extracted. Wisdom teeth can be harmful to the jaws by leading to the formation of cysts that pop up around them. If the condition is not treated, cysts will hollow down on the jaws and lead to damaged nerves. The jaw will be at a high risk of infections and cause chewing problems. You will also experience discomfort when talking or laughing.

The emergence of wisdom teeth can also lead to inflamed gums, affecting other teeth. When the tissues around these teeth are inflamed, the chances of infections are high. This is why wisdom teeth have to be removed. Visit our offices for more information on wisdom teeth removal.

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