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What Is bone resorption

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
What Is bone resorptionWhen you experience tooth loss or undergo a tooth extraction, you are likely to experience bone loss if you do not seek treatment. Dentists refer to this natural loss of bone loss due to a missing tooth as bone resorption. If you have multiple teeth missing and you do not get dental implants to correct the condition, you can experience future issues relating to your gums and teeth due to the bone loss. You, therefore, need to get implants and other treatments at the clinic to arrest bone resorption from progressing. At our clinic, you will receive optimal care that will ensure that the condition does not worsen or progress to other areas of your jaws.

What are causes of bone resorption?

Generally, bones are strongest where they are in most use. In your mouth, your bones become strongest when you bite and chew. Osseointegration is this process through which bones become reinforced due to the exertion of pressure.

If you have areas where there are gaps due to missing teeth, brought by injury, gum disease, or extraction, this area of your jawbone will no longer be receiving the pressure to stimulate osteointegration. Osteoclasts will begin to disintegrate your jaw bone and as a result, there will be no rebuilding of the bone framework in the region. According to research, new bone sill form, but the rate of bone destruction will be significantly higher.

What are the Treatment options to correct bone resorption?

If you have one or two missing teeth, you can experience bone loss, and dental implants can be the best treatment solution to address the condition. On the contrary, if you have multiple teeth missing, you can have a significant bone loss if you do not seek immediate treatment. The best treatment solution after significant bone loss will be bone-grafting surgery which increases the bone tissue necessary for dental implants.

At our clinic, you will find optimal care from seasoned specialists. Give us a call to know more about bone resorption and your treatment options at the clinic.

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