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Questions That You Should Ask Your Oral Surgeon During Consultation

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Questions That You Should Ask Your Oral Surgeon During ConsultationThere are many reasons why there's a consultation session before oral surgery, one of which is to help the patient remove all their doubts and have their concerns addressed by the surgeon.

The consultation sessions are mainly for the patient's benefit as they can ask their oral surgeon whatever questions come to mind before the day of the surgery so that they can be at peace.

Important Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon During Consultation

Before you undergo surgery, there is a list of important questions for you to ask your surgeon during the consultation. These include the following:

•  What is the duration of the procedure?
•  How many times have you performed this particular surgery before?
•  How long is the recovery period?
•  What are some essential post-surgery care tips and instructions that I need to follow?
•  What are my anesthesia options?
•  Are there certain types of foods that I should avoid or particularly consume after the surgery?
•  Do I need to rest after the surgery, or can I resume my work?
•  What are all the costs involved in this surgery?
•  Are there any risks, side effects, or complications associated with this surgery?
•  Is there a risk of infection in this surgery?
•  What kind of equipment or technology will you use to perform this procedure?
•  How do I prevent feelings of anxiety and fear before the surgery?

These are just a handful of basic questions to ask your oral surgeon during the consultation; you can ask anything else that comes to your mind. The main idea here is to have all your concerns and fears removed before the day of surgery.

At Placentia Oral Surgery, Young Jun, DDS, MD, FACS and Dr. Jun always make sure to explain the process to the patients thoroughly and address their concerns properly. If you are looking for a qualified oral surgeon for consultation, call us at (657) 216-1617 to schedule an appointment with us.

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