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Can Jaw Bone Loss Be Reversed Naturally?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
A person holding their jaw in painJawbone loss describes the situation where the bone that holds your teeth in place shrinks significantly. Several factors contribute to jawbone loss. Tooth extraction is one such reason. When you get one of your teeth removed, what remains is an empty socket. The loss of the tooth root is the beginning of your jawbone loss. Normally, the tooth root sends signals to the body, which responds by sending nutrients to the jawbone for strength-building and structure improvement. Without the tooth root, the body will not send any nutrients to the specific spot, leading to jawbone decline.

Is Jawbone Loss Reversible?

Dentists have yet to discover any ways to reverse jawbone loss naturally. The only way to improve the strength and structure of your bone after significant jawbone loss is through bone grafting. This medical procedure replaces the bone at the point where it is missing. Bone grafting replaces the lost bone mass while also promoting bone growth in that particular location.

Bone Resorption vs. Bone Growth

Significant deterioration of the jawbone occurs when bone resorption outpaces the rate at which it grows. Bone resorption is a process where calcium minerals that are naturally found in the bone get reabsorbed into the bloodstream. When there is no more calcium, the bone just withers away, hence the bone loss.

How to Slow Down Bone Loss

Even though you cannot reverse jawbone loss naturally, you can actually slow down the process naturally. As previously noted, bone loss occurs when bone resorption is faster than bone growth. Therefore, you can outpace bone loss by replenishing your calcium levels. Calcium is essential for bone growth, and it is the mineral that can help you slow down the rate at which your jawbone deteriorates.

It is recommended that adults take a minimum of 1,000 milligrams of calcium. Older adults can take even more. You can take calcium supplements or eat food rich in calcium to provide your bones with enough calcium to keep growing. This is a critical step, especially because jawbone loss is not reversible naturally, and bone grafting options might not be possible for some people.

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