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The Reasons Why Your Jawbone May Be Deteriorating And Getting Lost

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
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Your jawbone is essential for proper mouth and teeth function. Sometimes, though, you may have it get lost or deteriorate. If this happens, you may have problems chewing, pain, and challenges in receiving dental implants when you happen to lose teeth. Many things can contribute to jawbone loss and deterioration. These include:

Tooth Extractions

If your tooth is removed and you don't get it replaced, your jawbone may recede. In fact, you could lose about 25 percent of the jawbone within the first 12 months. Natural teeth embedded in the jawbone are crucial for stimulating the bone to grow. It happens through activities like biting and chewing. If lost teeth are not replaced, the alveolar, a part of the jawbone anchoring the teeth, fails to receive the stimulation needed to grow. As such, it starts to break down.

Periodontal Disease

An infection of the gums can destroy the support for your teeth. Periodontal disease can affect the gingiva or cementum, periodontal ligaments, and the alveolar bone. These periodontal tissues, if they are destroyed, will cause the jawbone to deteriorate. Dental plaque is the major contributor of gingivitis, which in turn, escalates to periodontitis. Eventually, you could lose your teeth when the jawbone deteriorates further.

Bridgework or Dentures

When you get unanchored dentures or bridges, your jawbone is left without stimulation. These bridges or dentures rest over the gumline and lack the support that goes through the gums into the jawbone. As such, the lack of stimulation contributes to bone resorption.


When you have teeth misalignment, it may bring a situation where some teeth lack an opposing tooth structure. For that reason, the unopposed tooth may over-erupt, resulting in deterioration of the bone underneath.

If your bone is resorbing due to one or several of these reasons, our oral surgeon can provide bone grafting to rebuild it. Visit us today whenever you have issues with your teeth, dental implants, or jawbone to have them assessed.

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