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How Getting to the Root of Your Pain Can Offer a Permanent Solution

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
How Getting to the Root of Your Pain Can Offer a Permanent SolutionTooth pain can be very frustrating, especially if you are unsure what is causing it. There are a variety of possible reasons behind a toothache, and tooth pain can present itself in different ways. You might have pain that comes and goes, or pain that gets worse when you chew. Your pain might feel localized to one specific tooth, or it could be a dull ache throughout your teeth. Maybe you get temporary relief with ice or over-the-counter medications, or maybe nothing seems to help the pain. Whatever your symptoms are, we can get to the root of your tooth pain and help you find a permanent solution.

Pain From Tooth Decay

When tooth decay is not treated, bacteria continues to eat away at your enamel, then your dentin, and then your tooth pulp. Deep decay causes tooth pain because your pulp contains sensitive nerve endings, blood vessels, and tissues. Decay causes your pulp to swell and place pressure on your nerves, which leads to pain. Severe tooth decay can also result in an abscess forming on your gum or at the root of your tooth. Abscesses are often very painful.

If your dental pain is the result of tooth decay, treating the decay can offer permanent pain relief (as long as you follow proper oral hygiene to prevent future decay). Treatment depends on the severity of the decay, but for decay that has progressed enough to damage the pulp and cause pain, a root canal is usually necessary.

Pain From a Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is another common reason behind persistent dental pain. A dental crack exposes your sensitive dentin, causing pain and heightened sensitivity to temperature changes. Plus, cracked teeth can be especially painful when you chew, and cracks that extend below the gum line can irritate your gum tissue, which also leads to pain. Repairing a cracked tooth will not only resolve your pain, but it also reduces your risk of developing complications like an infection, which can be very serious. If you have chronic tooth pain, contact our office today.

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