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Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Young Jun DDS MD FACS
Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeonOral and maxillofacial surgeons, often called oral surgeons, specialize in surgical procedures involving the mouth, teeth, jaws, and facial regions. Oral surgery is often used to treat recent dental injuries or surgical issues that involve jaw tissue. It is essential to choose the right oral surgeon since there are risks of infection or other complications when you do not choose a skilled surgeon knowledgeable about dental procedures.


The first factor to consider is the experience of the surgeon. You want to ensure that the surgeon has enough experience to perform your procedure. Experience comes with time and training, so it is essential to determine how many years a surgeon has been practicing in this field. The more years a doctor has been practicing, the more comfortable you will be with them.

Level of Education

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons must complete four years of training in an accredited program after earning a bachelor's degree. After finishing their initial education, some doctors also go back for additional training in specialized areas like orthodontics or oral surgery.


An oral and maxillofacial surgeon must be certified by a reputable professional organization. This shows that they have passed all the necessary tests and courses of study before being allowed to practice their profession. In addition, it shows that they are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in their field by continuing their education throughout their career.


The cost of any procedure can vary greatly depending on where you live and what kind of insurance you have coverage for out-of-network services like oral surgery or facial trauma treatment or corrective jaw surgery, or cosmetic dentistry procedures such as whitening teeth with laser technology or braces for correcting crooked teeth within our mouth area/teeth structure. Plus, many other standard procedures which can be performed routinely by your oral dentist.

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